0003-L07  Aput

Location – town/settlement
Nunaannaq (The open country)

Special recreational areas

The area is to be used for buildings and facilities related to leisure purposes of a special recreational nature
The area is used for recreational huts, summer cottages and tourist activities
To a small extent, it is possible to establish other types of industry as long as it does not change the areas’ overall recreational nature. To a limited extent, it is possible to establish recreational huts and summer cottages for private use as well as hunting huts and emergency huts
It is possible to establish roads/wheel tracks and public technical supply plants

Current conditions
The area is partially developed

Building provisions
Buildings are to be constructed at least 30 metres apart.
Buildings are to have a maximum height of one storey, measuring no more than 5.5 metres to the ridge.
Huts are to have a maximum area of 20 m²
Summer cottages are to have a maximum area of 100 m²
Tourist huts are to have a maximum area of 60 m²
Buildings and facilities are to be maintained regularly to not disfigure their surroundings.

Remaining available space
The area covers a total of 720 ha
The area has room for around 150 huts, depending on the final layout of the buildings
Once the abovementioned building potential has been utilised, the area is considered fully developed without any available space

Traffic service and utilities
Roads, wheel tracks and paths can be established near facilities and buildings.
It is possible to establish technical supply plants for, respectively, power, water and sewerage to locally supply each area. Facilities for capturing fresh-water, sewage discharge as well as major power supply plants can only be established following permission by the Government of Greenland. It is possible to establish technical supply plants, such as generators as well as solar cells or other power production facilities, near a few huts.
All facilities that are not directly related to the area’s recreational facilities are to be established in a manner that ensures that using them does not cause any inconvenience to neighbours, such as noise, smoke, odours, vibrations or the like.
Solid waste is either to be incinerated or transported away. Incineration is to entail no risk to surrounding buildings or nature, nor is it to cause inconvenience to anyone.
For night soil, it is possible to use sanitary buckets. The content is either to be emptied directly into the sea, composted or disposed of in such a manner that it does not cause inconvenience to anyone or the surrounding nature. Wastewater from existing houses with a water closet is to be disposed of in the same manner.

Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features
No special provisions

Regulated zones
No special provisions

Special provisions
No special provisions

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