0003-L09  Napparatuaarunneq

Location – town/settlement
Nunaannaq (The open country)

Special recreational areas

The area is to be used for buildings and facilities related to leisure purposes of a special recreational nature.
Within subarea L9, detail areas L09.1 and L09.2 are delimited.
Detail area L09.1 is to be used for recreational purposes. The existing foundation may be used for assembly point/terrace in relation to the operation of the tourist huts.
Detail area L9.2 is to be used for tourist huts. To a limited extent, public functions may be included in the operation of the huts.
Within detail area L9.2, a new jetty may be constructed.
Within the area, technical supply plants can be established to supply the area. The location and design of the plants are to be determined, while respecting the neighbouring buildings and the unbuilt areas.

Current conditions
The area is unspoiled and not yet developed

Building provisions
Detail area L9.1 is to be kept clear of buildings.
Within detail area L9.2, new buildings may consist of detached huts or cluster/semi-detached buildings.
Detail area L9.2 may hold 15 tourist huts.
Within detail area L9.2, new development is to take place according to an overall development plan.
Within detail area L9.2, new buildings are to have a maximum height of one storey. The ridge height is to be a maximum of 5.5 metres above ground level.
Within detail area L9.2, new buildings are to be adapted to the sizes and proportions of the other buildings in the settlement and respect the views available from each building.
Within detail area L9.2, new buildings are to use green materials and techniques as well as energy-neutral installations for supplying them with heat and power.

Remaining available space
The area covers a total of 4 ha
The area has room for around 15 huts, depending on the final layout of the buildings
Once the abovementioned building potential has been utilised, the area is considered fully developed without any available space

Traffic service and utilities
Road access to the buildings is to be provided by the existing system of roads, which is to be extended and improved.

Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features
No special provisions

Regulated zones
The area is located under the obstacle limitation surface at the heliport (overflight area and transition surface).
In the overflight area, buildings and other facilities cannot be higher than level 60.7 metres. Under the transition surface, the maximum ridge height is variable and depends on the distance to overflight area.

Special provisions
No special provisions

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