1400-C04  Oqaluffiup Aqquserna

Location – town/settlement

Centre areas

Specific use
Common purposes

The area is to be used for public purposes such as school, institutions, cultural and sports facilities and similar public purposes

Current conditions
The area covers an area of some 2 ha

Building provisions
New buildings are to have a maximum height of two storeys. However, no buildings are allowed to exceed the height of the church

Remaining available space
The area has 500 m² of available space, depending on the final layout of the buildings. Once the abovementioned building potential has been utilised, the area is considered fully developed without any available space in the area.

Traffic service and utilities
Road access to the area is to be from Pitaaqqap Aqquserna, Aqqalualip Aqquserna, Holten Møllerip Aqquserna and Oqaluffiup Aqquserna

Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features
B-67, B-68 and B-502 are listed buildings. These buildings can only be demolished or their appearance otherwise changed following prior permission by the Greenland National Museum.
B-70, B-86 and B-287 are preservation-worthy. These buildings can only be demolished or their appearances changed following prior permission by the municipal council.
The area is designated an especially preservation-worthy area (section-2 area).

Regulated zones
No special provisions

Special provisions
Buildings are to keep a minimum distance of 15 metres from buildings B-68, B-86 and B-502, and non-ecclesiastical buildings 25 metres from B-67. The western, swampy part of the area is to remain unbuilt and used for soccer field, playground and possibly an extension of the sports hall

Last edited 14-9-2020