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O: Unbuilt areas

Unbuilt areas have no or almost no buildings or technical plants. Hunting and emergency huts are allowed as long as their number is compatible with the overall zoning of the areas. 

Overall provisions for each subarea can be accessed below.

As an exception, recreational huts can be established in O areas as long as their number is compatible with the overall zoning of the areas. In O areas, recreational huts are to be at least 1,000 metres apart. Recreational huts are also to keep a minimum distance of 1,000 metres of K, L and N areas and of town and settlement areas.

The following guidelines apply to the different types of huts:

  Access Size Height Building Area
Recreational hut Private Max. 20 m2 1 storey Max. 5.5 m ÷ planning permission + area allotment
hunting hut
Public access No provisions 1 storey Max. 5.5 m ÷ planning permission + area allotment


O areas are classified into:

O1: Unbuilt natural areas

Areas without planning are unspoiled or almost unspoiled land without buildings and technical plants. As a main rule, there is a five-kilometre buffer zone around all measures in the open country.

O2: Areas for extensive grazing

Areas zoned for extensive grazing by livestock, such as sheep, reindeer, horses, cattle or other domestic animals, where land use intensity is compatible with the overall zoning of the areas.

Kommune Qeqertalik has no extensive grazing areas (O2).

O3: Unspoiled natural areas

Unspoiled natural areas consist of unspoiled natural areas located at least five kilometres from a measure. A measure is defined as:

Paths and small corridors are not defined as measures. 

Last edited 17-1-2018


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