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A good and efficient infrastructure is a necessity for developing society. It is vital for the citizens’ mobility and daily lives, and also a crucial parameter for the competitiveness of the businesses.

Due to the long distances and extreme climate conditions, infrastructure plays an important role in Qaasuitsup Municipality. Modern airports and ports are vital for securing supplies and exports and for servicing the great number of tourists visiting every year. Infrastructure also includes the normal road and path systems and the public transport systems – everything that ensures accessibility on a daily basis and therefore is highly rated.

The municipal council is very aware of the necessity of continuously investing in infrastructure, but also that it is to be based on rational and holistic considerations. The development is to take place in a close co-operation with and at a pace adjusted to the overall business development and planning for the towns, settlements and the open country. During the next planning period, sector plans for traffic and road structures in Ilulissat, Aasiaat and Upernavik are to be prepared to ensure a coordinated basis for deciding on infrastructure investments. Sector plans are to be incorporated in the basis for planning and will be coordinated with the spatial planning.  For the three towns not serviced by fixed-wing aircrafts – Kangaatsiaq, Qeqartarsuaq and Qasigiannguit – a study into the best location for airports will take place in the coming planning period.

As part of up-dating the planning basis for the development of cruise ship activities, an inspection and preliminary investigation of selected locations were carried by sea between Ilulissat and Rodebay. During the coming planning period, the planning basis for a new port in Ilulissat is to be incorporated in the town plan. The four potential locations include an area near the existing port in Ilulissat, Hollænderhavnen, Bredebugt/Rodebay and Tinussaraa. The location, size etc. of the new port facilities are to be decided based on a well-documented basis, which is to be prepared.

Technical supply plants related to electricity, water, heating, wastewater and refuse are also an important part of the municipal infrastructure. In the coming years, focus is to be on sustainability and more environmentally friendly solutions, including new innovative waste solutions to replace the existing, which in some places are a threat to public health. The aim is also to promote sustainable energy solutions.


Last edited 30-12-2017


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