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Town Plan
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What is a town plan?

The municipal council is to prepare a plan for area use in the municipality, and, according to Greenlandic legislation, the town plan is to include the following four sections:

The overall provisions may be supplemented by detailed provisions regarding buildings, roads and paths, technical supply plants, recreational areas etc.

The municipal council is obligated to regularly update the town plan, and every four years, the municipal council is to decide whether the town plan requires revision within the municipal election term.

Inatsisartutlov nr. 17 af 17. november 2010 om planlægning og arealanvendelse (in Danish):

 l_nr_17-2010_dk.pdf (64.6 KB)

Greenland Parliament Act no. 34 of 9 December 2015 on legislative amendment to act on spatial planning and area use (Danish only):

pdf inatsisartutlov_nr_34_af_9_december_2015.pdf (77.5 KB)

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