Health and prevention

We want the inhabitants of Kommune Qeqertalik to be happy and healthy. This is good for the sense of solidarity and for the entire community. Regrettably, the fact is that more and more have an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, resulting in overweight and similar lifestyle diseases. Unfortunately, this also influences the person in question and his or hers family psychologically and socially. However, spatial planning allows us to create the settings for promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activities.

Based on above, the municipal council wants to promote preventive initiatives, partly by interdisciplinary counselling and dialogue regarding eating habits, smoking, abuse, etc., and partly by keeping a keen focus on the optimisation of the opportunities for exercise and other physical activities in daily life. Active and broad initiatives within the health area are also a strong tool in promoting Kommune Qeqertalik as an attractive place to settle down.


  • The towns and settlements, their surrounding nature and the communities are to provide the best possible basis for a healthy and active life in Kommune Qeqertalik.
  • New and additional facilities for exercise and physical activities in the town areas and surrounding recreational areas are to be incorporated, targeting all age groups. New activities created through innovation and innovative thinking that generate interest through curiosity to learn and be active. It should be fun to be active and live healthy.
  • Exercise and a healthy diet are to be integrated as a key daily element in the institutions and schools in the municipality. This is to be reflected in the timetable and the physical settings offered by institutions and schools.
  • We are to promote prevention and health counselling through a closer co-operation between the health authorities and, e.g., child-care institutions and schools.
  • Cycling is to be promoted, e.g. by building new bicycle routes and paths and by ensuring more effective snow removal.