Safety and the good life

Safety is an important foundation for learning, development and a good life. Safety is often related to family and friends, but surroundings and physical settings also play important roles. Therefore, it is important to create safe, high quality environments in the city's common areas, along with the importance of our housing areas being designed so that everyone can take part of daily urban life and no one is lost or isolated from the community.


  • Kommune Qeqertalik is to focus on safety in its spatial planning by incorporating safe and secure settings for all citizens, no matter where they live.
  • Good meeting places, outdoor and indoor, encourage solidarity and provide safety. We are therefore to ensure that towns and settlements have squares, open spaces, village halls and other meeting places of good quality where citizens from different generations can get together.
  • A special effort is to be made to ensure that our children and young are safe and happy, e.g. by creating good and up-to-date play grounds and different activity areas for sports, exercise and nature experiences.
  • Safety is to be a natural parameter, e.g. in relation to the design of residential areas, public areas, path systems, school roads etc. of high quality.
  • The housing supply is to be planned so that it will be possible to live your whole life in the local area – this ensures a feeling of safety.