Housing and pattern of settlement


Household sizes have generally been declining, especially in the settlements where the decline from 2007 to 2017 has gone from 3.41 persons per households to 2.89 per household. The size of households in both towns and settlements in Kommune Qeqertalik is close to the national average.

Pattern of settlement

Kommune Qeqertalik has 4 towns and 8 settlements. Nearly 90% of the population is living in the towns and most of them in Aasiaat, which accounts for 48% of the total population of the municipality.

Since 2007, all habitations but Aasiaat have experienced a decline in population.

Three of the four districts have experienced a decline in the population and only Aasiaat has seen an increase in population because the district has a large birth surplus that exceeds domestic and foreign net migration. The other three districts also have birth surpluses, but their net relocation (and especially net migration) is so large that the total population drops.