Education is a principal focus area and the key to Greenland’s future. Education and skill development is necessary to ensure the right tools, competencies and instruments needed to address present and future challenges. The municipal council will work to raise the educational level, providing far more inhabitants with a qualified education, enabling them to financially contribute to their community. Ensuring supplementary education and skill development of the present work force is also to have high priority – not only to support future industries, but also to prevent short-term or long-term unemployment.

As a consequence, Kommune Qeqertalik will implement new ways of defining and improving learning and education, so that the physical settings can contribute to attract, maintain and inspire their users – children, young persons, teachers and the employed – creating a basis for a higher educational level.


  • Good, spacious and appropriate physical settings are always to be available for playing, learning and educational activities. This applies to child-care services, elementary schools, vocational training schools, supplementary training programmes etc.
  • Day-care institutions, schools, dormitories etc. are to be of good structural standard, e.g., through rehabilitation.
  • New educational institutions and offers, including any new boarding schools, are to be given a strategic location in one of the 4 towns.
  • This effort entails strengthened co-operation with the industry and businesses, aiming to increase the number of traineeships and apprenticeships, attract new types of resources to educational institutions and ensure targeted qualified counselling of the young.
  • When developing new and improving existing educational facilities, the opportunities to combine types of education and learning are to be investigated, including a shared use of buildings and out-door areas.
  • When developing areas holding educational functions, a more varied use is to be ensured, meaning that other needs are to be covered, such as housing, public areas for sports and service facilities.
  • A study is to be started, examining potential locations for a new gymnasium and, possibly, an international folk high school in Kommune Qeqertalik.
  • In general, housing is to be secured for students and trainees, including modern and well-located dormitories and other student housing.
  • Focus on making greater efforts to attract qualified teacher training to enhance the quality of education in the municipality, thereby creating better education frameworks.