From vision to action

All municipal policies and efforts are to aim at realising the vision and reflect the municipality’s four core values: Solidarity, learning, diversity and hospitality. This also applies to the town plan.

The town plan is to include goals for future development and area use. So, for each focus area, a number of goals have therefore been lined up to be implemented through physical planning. These goals will form the basis for the municipal council’s work during the planning period up until 2030.

The planning strategy sets out ten strategic focus areas of vital importance to ensuring favourable and suitable development of Kommune Qeqertalik. These form the basis for priorities and decisions during the planning period:

  • Industrial development
  • Education
  • Settlement and great housing
  • Culture and identity
  • Safety and the good life
  • Health and prevention
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate, environment and nature
  • Cultural heritage and conservation
  • IT, democracy and dialogue

The new planning strategy for 2017 thus upholds the focus areas of the previous plan strategy, but is adapted with regard to:

  • Increased focus on tourism development throughout the municipality
  • Increased focus on development of infrastructure in order to expand the airport in Aasiaat and to strengthen infrastructure throughout the municipality
  • Increased focus on growth and improvement of Aasiaat through the development of new urban areas
  • Increased focus on business through the expansion of new business areas and the strengthening of the fishing industry

Many of the focus areas are directly linked to spatial planning, while others typically fall under other municipal activities. However, it is important to keep in mind that to solve tasks and meet the challenges facing Kommune Qeqertalik, it is necessary to work holistically and across the various municipal departments and disciplines.

Management of conditions governed by other legislation

Kommune Qeqertalik draws up statutory and suitable rules, by-laws and orders on several different topics that are not or only partly included in the town plan. Either way, such topics are to be aligned with the town plan, especially in terms of physical dimensions or area. Often, these topics concern everything between the houses in our towns and settlements.

In the coming planning period, we expect to carry out the following:

  • Preparation of a plan for recreational areas including children’s playgrounds, green spaces, unbuilt areas etc. This will be done by continuously adjusting the town plan through addendums.
  • In connection with the preparation of dog by-laws, areas already zoned for dogs and areas used for the keeping of dogs are to be implemented in the town plan, laying out appropriate areas that are safe to use.
  • In connection with the preparation of a regulation on boat storage, new areas are to be assigned within existing areas and new areas zoned.
  • According to the executive order on the use of motorised vehicles, a municipal regulation can set up a transport corridor and/or traffic zones in the open country. Such are to be coordinated with protection interests and highly vulnerable areas.