Development in towns and housing

During the planning period, a particular focus will be given to the municipality's role as an attractive place to settle down. In other words, the municipality is to be able to offer jobs and educational opportunities, attractive housing areas and good service facilities – all factors to be ensured by spatial planning.

Urban development will be concentrated in the main city of Aasiaat - and to a lesser extent the other towns and settlements. The 2018-2030 Town Plan does not mention any new area allotments of significance, it rather puts into effect adjustments and adaptations of existing subareas and their use.

It is more relevant to talk about urban transformation than urban development, e.g. in connection with replacement buildings and redevelopment of rundown houses. The great challenge is for the settlements to maintain an employment rate that will ensure a local sustainable economy. As such, focus is on supporting the employment rate on the basis of the particular strengths and potentials of the individual settlement. A favourable development in employment will require urban development, including new residential housing that will probably emerge in the existing residential areas.

The overall available housing capacity in the towns and settlements of the municipality is approximately 2,600 houses. Furthermore, there is available space for centre functions and similar public facilities.